Last month, Stu Maschwitz and John August introduced Fountain, a new simple markup syntax for screenplays. It is very similar to Markdown in terms of readability and intuitive syntax.

Today I’m excited to announce Fountain support in Writing Kit 3.2. You can now open, edit, navigate, and preview Fountain screenplays right within the app.

To create a new screenplay, simply select ‘New Fountain Document’ when you tap on the ‘+’ button in the File Drawer.

Create new Fountain screenplay

You can choose the new monospace ‘Courier Screenplay’ font in the Settings pane to write your screenplay.

Courier Screenplay font

To quickly navigate between different sections and scenes, tap on the Outline button and select the desire place to scroll to.

Screenplay Outline

You can preview your screenplay at any time by tapping on the eye-shaped Preview icon. The screenplay will be beautifully rendered in the Courier Screenplay font with all the features like scene headings, transitions, dialogues, etc.

Screenplay Preview

This is only the beginning. If you have any feedback, feel free to contact me on Twitter (@writingkit), via email (support at getwritingkit dot com) or chime in the newly opened discussion forums (

As usual, please help me spread the words about Writing Kit and review the app on the App Store!

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