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The first thing you will notice in this 3.0 update is the brand new app icon. Under the hood, Writing Kit 3.0 is a major release that helps refine many of the app’s powerful features, make them more friendly and easier to use.

Let’s go through each of them in brief details.

Undo/Redo, Clever Return Key, Convert inline links to references

Version 3.0 finally includes proper support for undo/redo. To access this feature on your iPhone, shake your device. On iPad, swipe 2 fingers to the left to undo, and swipe to the right to redo. With this, you should no longer be afraid of making mistakes.

"Clever Return Key" is another helpful feature that eases your document editing. Writing Kit now tries to guess your intention when you tap on the Return key: If you are typing a paragraph, tapping Return will create another for you. Typing a list item, hit Return, and another list item will be appended. Same goes for block quotes and code snippets. This will be a great time-saver for Markdown users.

One more task has been added to the Markdown Source code section, which allows you to replace inline links in the current document with the reference style. Another Markdown users’ favourite, I’m sure.

Redesigned File Drawer and Quick Research

You have been asking for a better file drawer, so there you have it: The File drawer now displays full file names and supports 4 different sorting orders based on Name and Modification date. Document creation button has been moved into this screen as well. More advanced features will come in upcoming updates.

File drawer

Writing Kit will no longer strips all punctuation marks from your filename. Only those truly unsupported by Dropbox are automatically removed: < > : ” / \ | ? *

In addition, the Quick Research screen has been completely revamped. You no longer need to wonder what to put in the search field; Writing Kit now suggests you what to type. Also, it gives you dozen of samples to learn how powerful this feature can be.

Quick Research

Readability support

Readability users now enjoy the same level of integration Instapaper users do since Writing Kit 1.0:

  • Add links to Readability
  • Access unread items from the Queue screen
  • View the Text-only mode through the Readability mobilizer


Tweaks and bug fixes

A new button has been added to the Insert Quote/Link screen, namely “Paste from Clipboard”. It does exactly what it says on the tin: paste the current clipboard content into your currently focused text field.

Many small bugs have also been fixed, including the inability to use the “Choose Image from Library” button in the iPhone version.

It’s time to update

That’s all there to it. Update your copy of Writing Kit now and enjoy the new additions to the app. I’d really appreciate if you can rate and leave a review for Writing Kit on the App Store. And be sure to spread the words!